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Sunday 1 June 2014

Tarmac Technique #2

Oh, I think I've got a new addiction....... lmao.
Here's my second one, I soooooo love this technique.  Again, all the die cuts were cut on my Cameo.  The paint used for the base of this one is just the tester pots from Wilkinsons.  Then after removing the bitumen I rubbed some gilding wax onto it, just to 'lift it a little'.
The theme for this one is my Aunty Doreen, who we sadly lost back in April.  She loved the old musicals, so we played 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' (her choice) and 'Singing In The Rain' (family choice) at her funeral.  We chose 'Singing In The Rain' because one Christmas Day night, many years ago and before I had my children, the family were playing a board game, Brit Quiz, at my house.  Doreen had to do a forfeit which was to go outside and sing 'Singing In The Rain'.  So Doreen being the good sport that she was, grabbed an umbrella, put it up and went singing and dancing up and down the street outside my  So we just had to have that played at her funeral didn't we...... she'd have been smiling at us while it played.
She had a massive music collection too and very varied.  She liked Johnny Mathis, so she had also chosen one of his songs for her funeral, 'A Certain Smile'. She also loved anything Disney and actually got to visit Magic Kingdom, Florida with us, back in 1993, her first time ever on an aeroplane!  And yes she rode on all the rides too!

Hope you like this one, and thanks for looking. xx


Kathyk said...

I DO like it and I love the story behind it too, Karen, must look more closely at this technique when I get a minute!


As.I.Do.Rodos. said...

Wonderful memories thank you for sharing made me smile. Fabulous card Ginny ☺