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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Flower Tutorial 2

Here's another flower tutorial for you. These are really easy to make and I would think everyone will have all the equipment for them. 1. Here's what you'll need to make these flowers. Glue, scissors, quilling tool, circles of light weight card or paper- plain or patterned, and something to colour the circles if you're using plain paper. I used distress inks and apply it with Cut 'n' Dry Foam. I use nesties to cut the circles and prefer the smaller size, but that's just a personal thing.2. Colour your card however you choose, you could use ProMarkers/Copics if you want them to match your card perfectly.3&4. Starting at the edge of the circle cut a continuous line to the centre5. With the quillng tool, place the end of the cut circle into the slot on the tool.6&7. Roll the tool so that the paper winds round the end, continue all the way till you get to the centre.8. Release the quilling tool and tuck the centre of the circle underneath, this is where you'll glue the flower.9. Now pull the centre towards you to loosen the coil, fiddle about with it till you're happy.10. Now add a blob of glue to the centre bit and push it together between your thumb and finger, so your thumb is pressing into the top of the flower.And that's it! You can play around with different size cirlcles and the depth at which you cut, I keep the depth narrow due to postage costs..... lol They're also nice with a bit of glitter added around the top edge.


Happy Days said...

Yay - you got your camera back!!! Fab tutorial - thanks. Will definately be giving these a go. x

Kathyk said...

Fab tutorial - you make it look soooooooooooooo blooming easy.

Katiejane said...

This is excellent Karen, thank you xx

jo said...

Wow! Thanks for the tutorial! You make it look super easy - I'm going to have to give it a try! :)

pinky said...

Excellent tutorial, you can also use tweezers if you haven't got a twilling tool.

Louise said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I will have a go at them. Did you ever manage the roses that I showed you on CB last July? they are very similar to these.

Susie Sugar said...

Oh clever stuff Karen I love these I will have to have a go
Thanks for the tut